“Attractive prices designed for you”

Reception and keys delivery

We welcome your tenants and deliver the keys.
30 €*

Reception and delivery of keys

Entry and exit

Notifications of reception

Free key return

*30€ from 7am to 8pm

50€ from 8pm to midnight

70€ from midnight to 7am

Premium cleaning

We ensure a complete cleaning in your home.
60 €

Complete and verified cleaning

Professional and qualified team

Maintenance equipment and products included

Studio: 60 euros

2-room apartment: 80 euros

3-room apartment: 110 euros

4-room apartment: 140 euros

5-room apartment: 170 euros

Chalet only on estimate

40 euros per additional hour

Inventory of premises

We carry out an inventory of the premises on entry and exit, as well as a complete inventory.
40 €

Inventory of the premises and complete inventory of the accommodation

Entry and exit

Written documents

For apartments larger than 50m², 1 euro per additional m²

Housing greater than 200m² on estimate


“Offer our services to your tenants, this will help you to optimize your rentals”

Surveillance of your property

We make regular visits to your home to check that everything is fine !
60 €

Regular visits

All year round, even in summer


60 euros per visit made

Premium laundry

We take care of washing all the belongings of your seasonal rental !
16 €
  • DUVET KITS (sheet + duvet cover + pillowcases)

DUVET KIT XL: 16 euros

DUVET KIT L: 15 euros

DUVET KIT S: 14 euros

  • SHEET KIT (flat sheets + pillowcases)

SHEET KIT XL: 14 euros

SHEET KIT L: 13 euros

SHEET KIT S: 12 euros


TOWEL KIT (1 big + 1 small): 6 euros

POOL TOWEL: 5 euros

1 BATH MAT: 3 euros

2 KITCHEN TOWEL: 3 euros

Delivery and pickup: 10 €

Beds made on option: 14 euros/per bed

Identification of a problem

Our team travels to inform you of the nature of the problem your tenants are facing.
70 €

70 euros: 6am to 8pm

90 euros: 8pm to midnight

120 euros: Midnight at 6am

Luggage service

Tenants and owners can leave their personal belongings in our offices !
6 €/d

All types of luggage

Suitcase: 6 euros

Shower: 5 euros

Ski/snow: 4 euros

Saturday/Sunday: 8:30am-8pm

Monday to Friday: 4pm-7pm

Special rate for owners: 50 euros/month

Possibility to keep your ski gear