Nos services

How to use our services ?

A simple email to with your name, contact details and the desired rental period is enough to book, you can also use the estimate request or the chat directly on the site.

Can I change my request?

Yes, you can modify any request, at the latest 48 hours before the arrival of your tenants.

Arrival and departure of tenants

Who contacts my travellers ?

You are the only one to contact your tenants, so it is you who inform us of the arrival and departure times of your tenants.

What if I do not yet know the arrival or departure time of my travellers ?

Don’t worry ! We are on site, you can inform us of the arrival or departure time of your tenants maximum 24 hours in advance.

How does it work if my travellers are late ?

You just need to keep us informed, we can welcome them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The payment

How does the payment work ?

Payment can be made by cheque or transfer to our company’s account.

If I don’t have a reservation yet, can I leave my keys to you ?

Yes, we can keep your keys until you have a new rental.

Contact us for more information

How to contact us ?

By email to, by phone to or by chat directly on the site.

Aren’t you on site ?

All the steps are preferably done by email, then you will just have to send the keys of your property and we will take care of the rest.

Is there a monitoring of the service ?

Every time your tenants arrive and leave, we send you an email or text message to make sure that your tenant has arrived or left.

Handover of the keys

How do I handover and pick up the keys to my accommodation ?

We have a car park, your tenants stop at our office, and we give them the keys and a plan to locate your property.

How many sets of keys do I need to provide ?

Everything depends on the surface area of your property and the number of travellers that can be accommodated in your accommodation: minimum 3 sets of keys, 2 for tenants and 1 for Clés Saisonnières.

Can you keep the keys to my accommodation for my next rental ?

Yes, we keep your keys between each rental.


What does the housekeeping supplement service include ?

– dust removal from all surfaces

– vacuuming and floor washing in all your rooms

– window cleaning

– cleaning the inside of the cupboards

– cleaning of baseboards

– the replacement of all garbage bags

– changing bath linen and bedding

– checking the shower head

– the verification of household appliances

This does not include the household supplement service:

The household supplement does not include the kitchen and bathrooms and toilets: It is up to the tenants to do it.

If we do the complete cleaning, we do everything.

Do you clean 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ?

Yes, including public holidays.


What does the laundry option include ?

The laundry option includes: collection of laundry in your accommodation, washing and installation in your rental.

Do I have to provide my own laundry ?

You must provide us your own laundry, or we can also rent you some for your rental.

Do you offer an ironing service ?

An ironing service is possible on request.


Is it possible to entrust the management of my ad to Clés-Saisonnières ?

Yes, we take care of creating your ad (photos, texts, prices, etc.), creating a presentation site.

Who communicates with travellers ?

You are the one who communicates with your travellers.

In case of problems in my accommodation:

Your tenants must contact you, we only intervene at your request.

Can tenants contact us directly ?

We need your authorization to possibly intervene with your tenants.

When do I have to pay ?

At the end of each month, we send you an invoice.

Do I have to provide you with a first inventory of the premises and furniture ?

Yes, you must provide us as complete as possible, but we can also do it for you at the indicated price.

When should I give the deposit cheque to my tenants ?

After we have informed you of the inventory of fixtures of the exit.

Do you take care of the payments (rent, and deposit)?



Works, maintenance:

We can put you in touch with our partners on site, we also have a person who can carry out and monitor the work.

Can you keep my things while I rent my place ?

We can keep your skis and suitcases, our luggage is at your disposal.

My customers have difficulty getting into the station with their vehicles ? Vehicle failure ?

We have a 4×4 vehicle adapted to any snow condition and we can accompany your customers.

My customers arrive by train at Bourg-Sainte-Maurice station:

We can pick up your tenants at the station.